Eqona Icons - Lisa Nyhus

Eqona Icons - Lisa Nyhus

Lisa Nyhus
  • Age: 21 years
  • Competes for: Trollhättan's sport riders in show jumping
  • Employment: Digital Media in Trollhättan
  • Instagram : Lisanyhus
How did your interest in horses begin?
I have always had horses present in my life as my mother actively competed both on ponies and large horses. My grandmother and grandfather also had a horse farm when I was born, so I have been riding for as long as I can remember.
I started riding school around the age of 6 and after that I was a co-rider on a few different ponies before we bought our first own. When I was 10 years old, I got my first competition pony.
What is the best thing about having a horse/horses?

I think the fun thing about having a horse is that there is so much around them that you can geek out about and not just when you are sitting on the horse. Then I like the feeling that you're never perfect and that you can always get better! I love the individuals and feeling the bond between horse and rider is absolutely amazing 🤩

What is your goal in 5/10 years? So where are you in your career?

Oh, how difficult! I think I will have some younger horses that I train and maybe some older ones on the side that I jump a little more with, this in addition to my "regular job" that I am currently training for ☺️

Last but not least, which Eqona garments do you like best?

I love the quality and material of Eqona's clothes and if I have to choose a favorite garment, it is probably "favorite T-shirt". So pretty with the details like the slit on the side and very comfortable! My horses also like Eqona's saddle pad with a nice fit and which lies still and well under the saddle 😍
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