Take care of your clothes

A garment from House of Eqona is designed and manufactured to last a long time and with the right care and maintenance, your favorite garments will be with you for a long time to come.


A garment from House of Eqona is designed and manufactured to last a long time and with the right care and maintenance, your favorite garments will be with you for a long time to come.

Make a habit of airing your House of Eqona garment after use, Hang the garment out for airing and be careful when it's cold and a little damp outside. Cold kills bacteria and helps the garment clean itself without wear and tear from washing machines and detergents.

Many stains can be removed with sufficiently warm water, without having to wash the entire garment in a machine.

If you do need to wash your garment from House of Eqona, always follow the washing instructions carefully and always wash with similar colors, get into the habit of turning the garments inside out when washing in the machine. A tip is also to always use detergent for colors (even for white)

Use an eco-labeled detergent, better for people and the planet.

Steam your garment instead of ironing as it causes less wear and tear. However, House of Eqona's riding tights should never be ironed or steamed as the material and grip are not made for high temperatures.

Through regular care and airing, your garment from Eqona will last for many years.

Note Remember that cotton and viscose are natural materials and that a shrinkage after machine washing of 3-5% on cotton and 5-7% on viscose is completely normal. To avoid shrinkage as much as possible, it is recommended to dry the garment flat and iron it in a damp state.

Fiber och Material guide

House of Eqona loves premium materials! At House of Eqona, we always choose the most functional material and details on our products, both from a sustainable longevity perspective but also for the sake of the environment. In the end, it's a choice we're proud of and which we at House of Eqona know our customers also appreciate.


Polyamide is a better synthetic material with fantastic properties. Moisture wicking and perfect for workouts. The material has a long shelf life and is wear-resistant. The material breathes and does not feel sweaty, but gives the wearer a second skin feeling and a soft touch while providing compression for performance. However, polyamide is produced from fossil material that is not good for our environment, House of Eqona's ambition is to only use recycled polyamide.

Regenerated fibers

Viscose is a so-called regenate fiber, which means that it has a natural origin but that the fiber itself is extracted chemically. The raw material is cellulose, usually wood. Viscose is sometimes also called artificial silk - precisely because it resembles silk in quality and feel. Conventional viscose production requires a lot of energy and chemicals during production. House of Eqona always uses better viscose such as eco vero from Lenzing, partly to ensure a more sustainable production but also to ensure that the wood used is from sustainable forestry.


Cotton is a natural fiber with the characteristics of being a soft, comfortable and durable fiber. Around the world, cotton is the most loved fiber for its fine properties. The negative thing about cotton, however, is that it requires a lot of water, energy and chemicals in the cultivation and production. House of Eqona aims to use only recycled or organic cotton. Today, most of House of Eqona's products are made from organic cotton, which is grown without pesticides and chemicals.


Linen is made from plant fibers from flax. Linen is more durable than other fibers as the environmental impact is generally lower. Linen is a premium and more luxurious material as the manufacturing process is time consuming which ultimately gives the linen fine properties, it is cool, breathable and durable, perfect for riders. House of Eqona shirts are made of 100% linen.


Polyester is a durable material, our polyester is chosen with care and at House of Eqona we always choose better and more upgraded polyester for a more premium feel to the user, we are careful to choose polyester that has customized properties for our products, for example the polyester in House of Eqona's products is moisture-wicking and quick-drying.
Polyester is made from fossil materials that are not good for our planet, House of Eqona's ambition is to only use polyester from recycled sources, which is a more environmentally friendly material.